Italy Visas

This Italian visa is intended for an employee travelling for business, who has to attend a meeting, meet customers, visit plants etc. without physically working.

Documents required for business visa:

  1. visa application form;
  2. recent passport photo;
  3. valid travel document whose expiry date exceeded at least 3 months the visa’s expiration;
  4. return journey reservation or ticket or proof of available personal means of transport;
  5. homeland certificate which proves that the employee is an economical-commercial operator (e.g. business licence, Chamber of Commerce cerificate,etc);
  6. stay program indicating clients and suppliers etc which are supposed to be visited, telephone numbers or the Italian firm invitation letter;
  7. proof of available means of support during the stay in Italy, which should be in compliance with the Home Office directive (1st march 2000);
  8. an insurance policy with a coverage of minimum €30.000 for the costs of emergency hospitalization and of urgent repatriation.